Gourmet Pureed Food Recipes: 9 Different Ways to Cook it

Home cooking and restaurant cooking may have many similarities, but one major difference is that professional chefs have a wealth of sauces, gels, and purees to choose from. To help you expand your culinary repertoire, we wanted to share this fantastic collection of videos from ChefSteps. They’ll teach you how to make a variety of delicious purees! With this collection, you’ll be able to recreate restaurant-style dishes in the comfort of your own home.

Why not take your home cooking to the next level and give ChefSteps’ fluid gels and purees a try?

Purees are surprisingly easy to make with almost any ingredient. To get you started, here’s a collection of recipes that are sure to result in deliciously creamy purees. Why not take the plunge and give it a go? You won’t be disappointed!

How to Make Puree: 9 Video Recipes Included

Watercress purée: a simple, vibrant green puree.

This delicious dish is a sum of two parts – blanched watercress and xanthum gum.

Avocado Purée

Creating a delicious avocado purée is a breeze! Start by blending together avocado flesh and a few other ingredients like sodium bisulfite, ascorbic acid, salt and olive oil. Once everything is blended, sieve the purée and pipe it out.

Butternut Squash Purée

Thinly sliced fresh butternut squash, vacuum sealed and boiled for 25 minutes, then blended with salt and xanthan gum followed by a final sieving yields a vibrant orange butternut squash puree, perfect for cheering up an autumnal plate.

Celery root purée

Sous vide thinly sliced celery root is blended before adding cream and a squeeze of lemon juice and a generous pinch of salt and butter, and a final blitz until smooth and spreadable.

Smoked trout purée

Cook trout fillet sous vide, then remove, chill, de-skin and blend with salt and mayonnaise before passing through a sieve for a seafood appetiser.

Red cabbage purée

Harness the power of purple in this deeply vibrant puree of fresh red cabbage cooked blended with champagne vinegar, dijon mustard, salt, xanthum gum, black pepper and caraway seeds for extra wow factor. See how it’s done in the clip below:

Broccoli purée

Pump up the umami flavours in this cheddar cheese and broccoli puree. Cook broccoli and melted butter together in a pressure cooker for 20 mins, then blend and add cheddar cheese, sieve and plate.

Gribiche purée

A trio of herbs make this a versatile all rounder. See how parsley, chervil and chive could become your plating staple in this easy to follow clip below:

Classic mashed potatoes

Ever wondered how they achieve such silky rich mashed potatoes in restaurants? Here’s how – sous vide butter, milk and potato then pass the mixture through a sieve, whisk and season as desired, for restaurant perfect mash.

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